Fossil fuel powered:

The green guide looked for those offering the following fossil fuel powered transportation options: Rental, Shared ownership, Public transport, Carpool service, Fuel Efficient/Hybrid and for those offering products meeting CARB 3 Rating standards.

Let’s Clear the Air About Vehicle Exhaust – Environment Yukon
Auto$mart Thinking – Fuel-Efficient Driving Tips – Natural Resources Canada
New Regulations for Gasoline Marine Engines – 32 KB

Low or no emissions transportation:

The green guide looked for the following attributes in low or no emissions transportation: User powered, Electric, Wind, Solar, as well as Rentals, Maintenance and repair, and sales services.

Good Stuff? – Bicycles – WorldWatch Institute

Transportation Services:

The green guide looked for those offering the following transportation services: Sell bus tickets, Car battery return for proper disposal, Antifreeze recycling, Waste oil recycling, Tires return for proper disposal, Tire retreading, Retrofit – Emissions Reduction Devices (heavy duty vehicles)

Transportation programs:

Commuter Challenge – National program encouraging Canadians to walk, cycle, ride-share/carpool, tele-work or take transit instead of driving to work alone.
Moving On Sustainable Transportation (MOST) Program
– Transport Canada
Public Transit Tax Credit
– Government of Canada