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Whitehorse, YT, CA
Coffee and baked goods. Vegan and vegetarian options available. Fair-trade products.   Keywords: Baked goods, coffee, coffee beans, compostable,...
Whitehorse, YT, CA
Organic & Fair Trade Mandate. We believe in organic and fair trade products. Having biodegradable cups and other products is a natural part of the...
Whitehorse, YT, CA
Furniture and decor, some made with recycled materials.   Keywords: Decor, decoration, decorations, furniture, jewellery, jewelry, lighting, recycled.
Whitehorse, YT, CA
Cycling trips are an environmentally friendly way to tour the Yukon. Boréale offers guided cycle tours mid-May to mid-September. Keywords: Bicycle,...
Whitehorse, YT, CA
BYTE offers a community free-store and hosts the Purple Bike rental program, with Philippe Leblond and the Boys and Girls Club. We have a green office policy...