Get Rid of Stuff


Getting Rid of Stuff: RECYCLE

PUT IT IN THE RIGHT PLACE: Eventually things wear out or break down. At the end of its usefulness, salvage what you can of remaining waste materials:

1. RECYCLE materials that are recyclable (download city sorting guide).

Raven Recycling Society, P & M Recycling, Salé Salvage

Tip: Clean waste materials are more likely to be recyclable

2. COMPOST anything that remains that is compostable (download city sorting guide).

Curbside, landfill, backyard options

NOTICE WHAT IS LEFTOVER AT THIS POINT. This is where you can work most effectively to further reduce your impact in the future (lots of plastic bags? try bringing a fabric bag when you shop).

3. DISPOSE of any remaining *Household Hazardous Waste safely.

4. LANDFILL what remains.

** SALVAGE PERMITS: ONE LAST CHANCE TO REDIRECT (treasure hunters take note)

Okay, we are not quite there yet – a lot of things end up at the landfill that still have some life in them – things that could either be reused in whole or in part and/or recycled. If you are interested in reducing the ‘usables’ that are still making it to the dump, you may consider purchasing a salvage permit from the city which would allow you to salvage useful materials or items from the dump and keep them moving a bit longer. Remember, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!