Food and Drink:

fireweed community market, whitehorse (photo - YG CCS)


The green guide used the following attributes for retail beverages; Yukon roasted, Shade grown, Fairtrade, Yukon made, Eco-packaging, Refillable, as well as those products and facilities meeting Certified Organic standards.

Good Stuff? – Beverages – WorldWatch Institute

Bulk Food:

The green guide looked for the following attributes for bulk food products: Certified Organic, Yukon Source, Special order option, Fresh, Frozen

Organic Food Suppliers:

The green guide looked for those offering organic food products with the following attributes: Yukon, Global, Wild, Seasonal, Year-round, Fresh, Frozen as well as those offering products meeting MSC or Certified Organic standards.

Alpine Bakery Organic Produce Club
Good Stuff? – Seafood – WorldWatch Institute

Farm products & services:

The green guide asked whether participants were listed in the current Yukon Farm Guide to Products and Services.

Yukon Farm Guide to Products and Services
Growers of Organic Food Yukon
Good Stuff? – Local Food – WorldWatch Institute
Good Stuff? – Meat – WorldWatch Institute

Food services:

The green guide tried to identify food service businesses (cafés, restaurants, etc.) that offer any of the following: Reusable dishes and cutlery, Recycling, Composting, Certified Organic food, Organic beverages, Biodegradable containers and cutlery for take-out, Yukon grown foods.

Good Stuff? – Fast Food – WorldWatch Institute

Local organizations:

The green guide tried to identify organizations offering: a venue for selling homemade or Yukon grown products, a program promoting growing heritage species and/or organic food, educational information about green food choices, an active Yukon chapter involved in promoting green food options.

Slow Food Yukon

Growers of Organic Food Yukon

Fireweed Community Market

Alternative food growing and buying options:

The green guide looked to identify those who offer the following alternative food buying options: Bulk order options, Community market sales, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares, Direct farm sales, Food buying cooperative, Fruit/Vegetable stand, Organic food buying club, and Special order options as well as those who offer garden plots/allotments for public use.

Downtown Urban Gardeners Society (DUGS) – Whitehorse Community Garden
Plant a Row, Grow a Row Campaign: grow an extra row of vegetables and donate the harvest to the Whitehorse Food Bank.