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Dynamic Systems

Dynamic Systems

Contact Name: Taylor Green

Job Title: : Operations Manager

Email Address:

Phone Number: 867-667-4354 Ext: 108

Fax: 867-668-5909

Dynamic Systems is a leading electrical contractor based out of Whitehorse. We are dedicated to bringing green, sustainable technology to the commercial and industrial sectors in the Yukon. As part of our LED retrofit division we will be conducting lighting audits throughout the Yukon and offering a line of tested, quality controlled and warrantied Canadian LED products to our customers as well as providing financing options and installation. Through this procedure energy efficiency will increase and the strain on the power grid and unsustainable power production will decrease as a result. All the while, money will be saved by our clients. Feel free to contact us to arrange for a no obligation lighting audit for your business or industry. We are currently serving the Greater Whitehorse Area.

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