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Yukon Energy

Contact Name: Janet Patterson

Email Address:

Phone Number: 867 393-5333


Established in 1987, Yukon Energy is a publicly owned electrical utility that operates as a business, at arms length from the Yukon government. We are the main generator and transmitter of electrical energy in Yukon and we work with our parent company Yukon Development Corporation to provide Yukoners with a sufficient supply of safe, reliable electricity and related energy services.

Yukon Energy has the capacity to generate approximately 132 megawatts of power. Ninety two megawatts of that are provided by our hydro facilities in Whitehorse, Mayo and Aishihik Lake (40 megawatts at Whitehorse, 37 megawatts at Aishihik and 15 megawatts at Mayo), 39 megawatts by diesel generators (which we currently only use as back-up) and 0.8 megawatts by two wind turbines located on Haeckel Hill near Whitehorse.

Our environmental policy is available on our website.

Keywords: Electricity, energy-efficient, energy efficiency, renewable