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Contact Name: Chris Nagy

Email Address:

Phone Number: 867 633-2550


Staples has a very strong green mandate - called Eco Easy. They have defined several Staples Environmental Program Initiatives that are available to the public on their website. This mandate includes an Ink and Toner return program, a Recycle for Education program (rebates from recycled cartridges do to participating schools). Staples has Ministry of Environment Compliance. Staples is committed to making eco-friendly products easy to access and economical. Staples has a delivery program that requires consumers to buy in bulk to limit the amount of fossil fuels spent on delivering orders. Staples uses only Sustainable Earth cleaning products. Staples has demonstrated commitment to their environmental programs by partnering with environmental management company: Earth Cycle Planning inc (ECP). Staples works closely with ECP to make sure each of it's commitments are fulfilled.

Keywords: Eco-friendly, environmental, recycling, sustainable