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Making Greener Choices

The Whitehorse Green Guide has been developed to help people in Whitehorse identify where and what green products and services are available in Whitehorse and to provide information to help people make more sustainable choices. We encourage everyone to ask more questions about their purchasing options and become more conscious of the impact different choices can have on the environment.

Defining Green: For the purposes of this guide, we have defined ‘green’ products and services as those which have one or more of the attributes and/or certifications that promote any or all of the following outcomes: increased energy efficiency; reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; reduction of toxins; and/or waste reduction. These do not necessarily ensure a green product but may help you to identify greener options.

We are currently working on the development of a Green Guide app.
This application will be free to download and will allow you to search the database with your iPhone, Blackberry, iPad etc.
We will make it availible to you as soon as possible.